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15 June 2011

Midnight Sun Above the Arctic Circle

I went to the bar on the top floor (the 13th) of the Radisson Hotel for a glass of wine last night and...oh, what a view! It reminded me of the view from the Crow's Nest in Anchorage (atop the Captain Cook Hotel) except Bodo has a lot more charm than Los Anchorage (everyone knows I love Anchorage but that's not much of a stretch, really). Anyway, here are some iPhone photos (complete with a few funky reflections off the windows) of the scenery here in Bodo last night. So with apologies to Ed McMahon: heeeeere's Bodo!

Looking southeast, out over the airport (and airbase)...

...then east over the football (soccer) stadium to some neat-looking peaks (gotta be some climbing out there)...

...and on to the northeast, where you can see the big, snow-covered mountains in the distance... over the harbor and the mountainous islands just northwest of town...

...and finally south over the small-boat harbor and the islands through which we came from Shetland on Monday.

"Sunset" at this latitude at this point in June means the sun dips behind the mountains to the northwest for a bit.

Self-portrait in the midnight sun. The '80s tune "I Wear My Sunglasses at Night" fits at this latitude.

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