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"And he said, 'Stomp upon the Terra.'" – Lord Buckley (via Hunter Thompson)

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01 June 2011

All Good Things...

The rain started overnight. A light, misty drizzle when I awoke around 3am; a wind-driven torrent coming down the open companionway when I awoke around 7am (before anyone asks: I closed the hatch). I wandered over to the Lerwick Boating Club for a hot shower and it's just nasty out, as you can see from the "after" photo (to yesterday's "before" shots) at right -- more of what I expected weather-wise from this North Sea archipelago.

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Blogger pomento said...

Finally a post that doesn't make me envy your new life. ;) Glad that you're keeping the blog; it's on my weekly roster for reading now. I second the hopes someone else expressed on FB that a book will follow. Have fun. -Dawn


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