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"And he said, 'Stomp upon the Terra.'" – Lord Buckley (via Hunter Thompson)

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31 May 2011

Good Morning, Lerwick

While lying in my bunk early this morning, I heard what sounded like the water pumps, indicating that someone was taking a shower on the boat. "That's weird," I thought. "We all showered at the boat club last night." Must have been a dream, it seemed, because not long thereafter, I heard what sounded like a woman's voice on a loudspeaker, issuing orders in some bizarre tongue. "That must be it; I'm dreaming." Thing was: I've had some odd dreams in my life, but I couldn't quite figure this one out. So I finally woke and went topside, only to find we had some company on the wharf...and with that company, the source of the water-pump noise (the Fram's engines as it docked) and the voice was revealed...

(And as you can see, it's another crackin' day here in the Shetlands: blue sky, puffy clouds and nice breezes out of the west.)

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